Remember MTV’s show Hell Date? I’m talking early 2000’s TV premieres. When reality shows were starting to have a huge impact on our pop culture. For those who don’t remember this entertaining show; it was about a blind date that is a set up to make the guest cave in from all the irritation and the purposeful agitation from the date, and if they survived they receive cash money for their troubles.

Let’s start by saying I only wish that I was on this show and I received money for my worries. Unfortunately, my date went entirely different, and I walked away with my feelings and pride a bit uneasy. Let me take you back a few weeks ago….

Guy meets girl as she’s coming home from a long day of work. Looking good, feeling better walking to my destination no scratch that strutting to my destination. As I cross the busy Philly streets, I notice a guy wanting to catch my attention. But as momma told me many of times don’t stop for no man that honks his horn at you. As I continue to strut, Mr. Impala pulls up and cuts me off from my strut. He only wanted a chance to talk, so I granted him that. Not thinking we would end up going further than the phone. Days and nights, nights and days we started to have normal pleasantries…. Hey, he’s pretty cool. I decided to go out with Mr. Impala.

The date started off as a vibe. Mentally and physically attracted to each other we enjoyed the beautiful conversations that we had during the car ride to dinner. Maybe a bit too much because we stopped multiple times to just take in all the words we were saying to each other. It was a bit therapeutic how I could converse about more than just what is on the surface of life. It really was a vibe, in the car on a warm evening; windows down, sunroof out, no music just enjoying the company. We caught each other’s eyes a few time, gave each other love taps and even some pecks on the lips. My mind was implying that this was a bit fast but Fuck it, its summer 2018, and I’m all about making memories. I later realized that this was more than I bargained for.

A brief synopsis of Mr. Impala. 29 no kids and well established. I won’t put all of his business in these streets, but let’s just say he looked great on paper.

Strike 1: Mr. Impala- As we got closer to the restaurant I started to realize that he talked more and more about his money, himself and how it’s a big deal breaker for a relationship if his girlfriend wasn’t established.

Strike 2: When trying to prove his point his go-to were examples with past relationships or the multiple females that he deals with currently. Like sir, do you have ANY male friends?

Strike 3: Lastly, he deduced everything back to the money he made. He felt that a woman couldn’t possibly love a broke man because what can they provide for them? Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with a man who is well off. The car, the house, the job, and side hustles. I get it, however, should we judge and dismiss men who lack financially?

Wait the BONUS strike…

Mr. Impala was very aggressive… too aggressive.

At the restaurant in Jersey, we ate, drank and laughed. However, by the end of dinner, I realized that I would not entertain this situation after the night. He was ready to make MAJOR moves, if not with me than someone who was willing to strip down their identity and become a mirrored image of what he wanted. He repeatedly told me that I’m used to getting what I want and to be with him it’s not going to be like that. So leaving the restaurant a bit buzzed but aware I walked quietly and I saw him walk to the car rapidly. (Strike 5) From the looks of it, you would think I came out by myself! As I walked to the car, I saw him looking at me smiling. I had to admit he was very handsome, tall with a beautiful smile. BUT! I couldn’t compromise my independence for a man that resulted everything to money.

The last strike that altered any chance that I thought about looking over his chauvinist ways was when I finally arrived at the car by myself, and he reached out to hold me then kissed me and proceeded to open his back door. I looked at the door puzzled and looked up at him, he smiled and said “Bend over”


I was floored not only are you disrespecting me by wanting to bend me over in a parking lot but had the audacity to become angry at the fact that I reacted with a loud WHAT. Long story short, as we drove back to Philly, he continued to go on about how I’m Selfish. I have nothing to offer, so the least I could do is give him some pussy. I’ll never find a man as well off as him at 30. And as I got out the car quiet as a church mouse, I started to wonder if all the men of my generation had resulted to this? I wanted to call every local news station and warn women to beware of the new and improved “He-Man Women Haters Club” that yes they still exist and they’ve become scarier. Men like this do not want a companion they want someone who they can control.

In this dating world, ladies we have to become wiser as to what we will and will not entertain. Maybe it was the idea of conversing with a man that could actually hold a conversation that had ideas and perspectives and just didn’t respond saying. “I don’t know” and “It’s up to you.”

However, that date did reveal something to me. That I never was and will never be a yes woman…. Unless it’s to more wine in my glass. I’ll always say yes to that! (Insert giggles)