He’s not coming in on a big white horse ready to scoop me up. Single women today, we have to realize that fairytale is of the past; it disappeared a long, long time ago! Because of this we are faced with one big question whether or not to enter into a “Love Contract or Marriage” with that being the question of the day, let’s discuss, which do you prefer?
As for me, after a short-lived marriage of five years that ended in divorce and two of the most wonderful children any mother could imagine. I still feel those random flutters of butterflies in my stomach when thinking of ultimately re-marring. Yes! For me, marriage is described as a union of two souls who are willing to commit, legally on paper and before the eyes of God, according to his holy word. Nothing can ever take away from the biblical definition of marriage, at least in my staunch Catholic Girl eyes.
Sometimes life will throw an abundance of information your way when you least expect it, that can cause you to re-think everything you once held so dear and true. This happened to me ladies, while I was commuting into work the other morning, listening to my favorite radio broadcast, the topic of discussion referenced P. Diddy’s choice of opting into a love contract rather than marriage. My first reaction was that of naiveté and shock. Sure with his wealth and social standing, he can successfully execute any type of contract his big old heart desires. At that moment, I knew I had to do something so I decided to research this “Love Contract” thing via Google. To my surprise, there was a wealth of information on the internet explaining how, why and when you should enter into such an agreement.
Eureka! This is my favorite word to use when I’ve found something that astonishes the absolute core of my being. My thought process on the subject of marriage now has an option. I can enter into a written contract with my significant other that spells out all of the specifics agreed upon by both individuals or I can stick to marriage in the traditional sense but guess what… it’s my choice and no one else’s. I like this idea. Why? Because divorce is expensive and ugly!

Thinking outside of the box, is my forte. I love to try new and innovative ways of expressing my love, loyalty and commitment in a relationship. ~ Dakota

Which do you prefer a love contract or marriage?