Fall is around the corner and for many, the highlight of the season is Fall fashion.  You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your budget, fashion originality to refresh your fall wardrobe.  Here are the major reasons why you should head to your local thrift stores, clothing stores, and consignment shops to fill your wardrobe gaps for Fall.

Shopping second hand can inspire you to plan purchases and shop with intention.  

If there is an item on your wishlist that you want to purchase, it may take me a couple of trips before you find it in a thrift store.  Shopping with a plan in mind is key to avoid getting distracted or overbuying because you can afford to purchase more volume for a lower cost in a thrift store.  Evaluate your current fall wardrobe and make a wish list of items you’d like to add or pieces you need to replace.  Set a budget and shop intentionally with your wish list and budget in mind. Capsule wardrobes aren’t just for minimalists and they can be an strategic way to hone your style, shop within your budget and purge your closet of items that no longer fit your lifestyle or current size.

You’ll rarely walk into a room with another lady wearing your exact outfit.

There’s nothing worse than the feeling of disappointment when you walk into a room and see someone else wearing a piece you’ve spent your hard-earned money on.  But it’s definitely a chance you take when you shop exclusively at popular chain stores and big box retailers.  Mix up your style by adding in thrifted finds.  It may take a little bit of creativity and minor alterations, but you can round out your wardrobe and add a twist to your outfits so you are never caught wearing exactly the same thing as someone else.

You’ll cut down on unnecessary shopping impulses.

The budget busting habit of shopping out of boredom is not productive and can often lead to extra spending or even debt.  Limiting shopping to second hand clothing can help you keep your spending in check when you cross paths with your favorite fast fashion retailers. If you know the temptation is strong when you are confronted with the opportunity to shop (online or in person), try to remove yourself from the  shopping situation.

Trends are cyclical, so chances are, you will be able to find something similar to the “latest” trends second hand for cheaper.  

Most style savvy ladies these days garner inspiration for personal style and how to rock clothing they already own from a variety of sources: social media, blogs, magazines.It is especially easy to stay relatively on trend when you shop at carefully curated second-hand stores like Buffalo Exchange or Plato’s Closet.  

[tweetthis]It is especially easy to stay relatively on trend when you shop at carefully curated second-hand stores [/tweetthis]

It forces you to be creative with what you have.  

There comes a point when you have to learn to be content with what you own.  This can be difficult with temptation to “Keep Up with the Jones” available at every scroll through your Instagram feed.  But consider that it has been proven that spending your money on experiences brings more happiness than spending on things.  Keep your dream destination in mind to prevent you from overshopping for the upcoming season.  Get comfortable with what you have and be strategic about purchases so you can spend money on experiences with your friends and family.

Photo Source: CreateHERStock