Summer is in full swing and though we’d all love to have lengthy vacations to distant locales, out-of-town travel doesn’t always fit in the budget. Staycations can be a fun and economical way to play tourist and take advantage of the cool things your city has to offer! Read on for tips on planning the perfect staycation this summer.

  • If budget allows, book a hotel or rent a fab home. There is nothing wrong with spending quality time in your own home during a staycation. But if you crave a change of scenery without the travel, check out sites like Airbnb, Hotel Tonight or Home Away to book a fab hotel room or rent a chic home/apartment.
  • Explore the food culture of your city. You may not be traveling, but you can still explore cuisine from far-flung places around the world. Check out fare from local restaurants, food trucks and food stands from different places. Consider trying a new foodie theme for each meal!
  • Spend time outdoors. Pack a few sandwiches and snacks and spend some time on a sunny day soaking in some Vitamin D outdoors in your favorite green space, park or historic site.
  • Peruse your favorite shops and boutiques (sans wallet). Wander around in your favorite cute shops and independent boutiques in your area to do some fun window-shopping. You can make a note items you will buy at a later time and take in the lovely retail scenery!
  • Check out a local outdoor festivals or farmers markets. Take advantage of summer weather by checking out a festival or farmers market in your area. Pick up some healthy food options or take in the sights from summer festivals.
  • Check out a museum. Take in a museum exhibit to take a brief break from the summer heat and to enjoy the cultural landscape of your area. Some museums have a “pay what you wish day” or discounts for families. Check out the deals at your local museums and visit one.
  • Hit the pool. Grab your bathing suit and towel and check out a local pool! You can enjoy some fun near the water without trekking to the beach.
  • Get moving. Take a walk, go for a jog, or take a bike ride! Making time for fitness is great on any day, but can particularly be fun during a staycation when you don’t have to worry about rushing back work.
  • Read for pleasure. Read that book that you’re your list that everyone has been talking about at your favorite coffee shop. Reading for pleasure can be an indulgence for highly scheduled people these days.
  • See what venues in your area have outdoor summer movie screenings. If you are a movie buff, look into outdoor movie screenings in your area. Outdoor movie screenings typically start in the evenings at dusk. Don’t forget to take blankets and snacks with you to enjoy while watching your movie.
  • Check out a sporting event. Even if sports aren’t typically your thing, attending a sporting event can be a fun way to connect with your friends or family and get you into staycation mode!
  • Indulge in your creative side. Use your camera to capture your surroundings, grab a notebook to write your thoughts, or grab some charcoal and paint. Remembering to take time for creative endeavors is important since creative hobbies can easily get moved to the bottom of your priority list.

So plan your next staycation and take advantage of the great things your area has to offer today!