The summer travel season is underway!  An important part of prepping for travel is packing strategically and including essentials that will help you to look and feel your best.  Read on for tips to travel with style and comfort in mind this summer.

The List: Create a List, Check it Twice. Create a list of the occasions you plan to attend and sights you plan to see on your trip.  Pack your clothing items according to your needs and itinerary.

The Essentials: Pack Personal Items and Technology in Your Carry-On.  A sturdy, stylish weekender bag is perfect as a carry-on regardless of your mode of transportation (here are some great examples).  Pack your essential personal items like your travel itinerary, make-up, toiletries, and a reusable water bottle in your carry-on.  Also be sure to pack your tech gadgets like a phone, laptop, tablet, camera, and headphones in your carry-on bag.  Packing healthy, nutritious snacks in your carry-on will help you keep hunger away until you arrive at your destination.  Remember to pack chargers for your tech items (if traveling internationally, pack a universal charger).

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The Look: Choose the Perfect Travel Outfit. No matter your mode of transportation, wearing the perfect travel outfit could mean the difference between having an enjoyable flight/ride/drive and having a miserable one.  What you pack will depend on your destination, but a few items that are helpful to pack when going most places include: a wrap that can be used as a blanket, a chic clutch bag that can double as a toiletry carrier, and sunglasses.  Some suggested travel outfits include: (1) a maxi dress, (2) a top with a high-low hemline with leggings, or (3) a tee with jeans or dark pants and an open front sweater.  Keep comfort in mind and limit your selection when you are packing shoes: a pair of foldable ballet flats or sandals, heels, and sneakers should suit most occasions on your trip.

The Luggage: Pack Light. Packing light is important no matter what mode of transportation you take on your trip.  Who wants to lug a huge bag around for an entire trip anyway?  The rising costs of carry-on luggage for flights on most airlines is a great reason to start a personal no checking your luggage policy.  When packing hair and beauty items, stick to the essentials that make you feel fresh and put-together and leave the extras at home.  Pack personal care items like coconut oil that can be used multiple ways to save space.  For example, coconut oil is effective as a make-up remover, body moisturizer and hair oil! Pack clothing items that are in the same color palette (like all neutral tones) so they can be remixed in different ways. Also be sure to pack clothing that can easily be layered because of highly air conditioned buildings and cool evening temperatures.


What are your favorite travel tips?

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