When I hear the name Issa Rae, I automatically smile and think Black Girl Magic. This gorgeous and talented black woman has had major success with her HBO series Insecure, and can I just say I got my whole by watching Insecure-hands down it is amazing and definitely a must-see. I cannot wait for season 2. Issa Rae is making big moves in the industry, on top of being one of the most in demand woman in Hollywood, she is slaying life with her fun and quirky sense of style. If you are a huge fan of Isaa Rae like we are here at Werk Chic then keep on reading to see her true standout style.

Geometric Flare Dress, Strappy Yellow Heels

Cropped Top, High-Waisted Shorts, Lace-up Pumps

Textured Dress, Heels

Black & White Sheath Dress

Multi-Colored Long Textured Dress

Black Dress with Printed Bodice

Printed Maxi Skirt


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Source: Essence