Two years ago on an oddly warm Christmas Eve, my entire life evolved. I became a mother, nurturer, and provider to my beautiful daughter Cree. As I watch her in full toddler mode playing and running around the house, I wondered how the next stages of her life would be.

Will she be outgoing, will she be shy? Will she be humorous about her imperfections or take them too seriously? Will she lead or follow the influences in her life? How will she handle heartbreak? Then I thought about my role as her mother, one of my responsibility is to provide knowledge from my life to hers. Revealing my victories and failures will show her how strong mommy is! Later that day I was scrolling through my Instagram looking to be inspired and lighten up my brain about motherhood. I scrolled through Beyoncé page which ALWAYS gives me life. This woman is a powerhouse and one the hardest working women in entertainment in today’s culture! Then I see another side of her, which she effortlessly transitions into a Mommy. All I seemed to do was smile and shed some happy tears (I’m emotional like that) looking through her and Blue Ivy’s love journey optics. From their selfie sessions to their exotic vacations with husband/daddy Jay-Z, I noticed in each picture a beautiful bond between Mother and daughter. It was wonderful! Captivating!

There are so many lessons that we want to share with our daughters, and yet we’re unable to get every word out to them. But sometimes words aren’t needed. Our actions show that we care, what we want and what we pray for our daughters. We all want the same things for our daughters, don’t we? We want them to know love, strength, and happiness. These pictures brought to life my words with some of the lessons to teach my princess. I hope they inspire you as well!

Love Lessons To My Daughter:

Love love love yourself!
Let her into your world and celebrate your success with her.
Show her when you lead never allow the distractions rattle you. Keep moving forward.
Always assure her that whenever she falls that you’re
there to uplift!
Remind her that you’re her number one fan!
Practice until you’ve mastered the skill.
Live in the moment!
Appreciate the beauty in the world and the history it teaches us.
Find your happy place.
Mommy-Daughter time is essential!

Featured Photo: Bey’s Instagram