Slowly but surely diversity is starting to be seen more in the fashion industry but don’t get me wrong we still have a long way to go. Gucci is the latest high-end brand to make a huge statement with the release of their newest campaign. The Italian fashion house has debuted their Pre-Fall 2017 campaign with melanin poppin’ all over the place and we are so here for it.

Drawing on influence from Black youth in the 60s, including England’s Northern Soul Movement, the campaign titled Soul Scene is also a nod to Made You Look, an exhibition that focused in on “Black masculinity and “dandyism” at London’s Photographer’s Gallery, according to a release.

We love how they used flawless Black models to celebrate Black culture. It’s nice to finally not be overlooked, Black is beautiful and it’s about time the world sees it. Although representation when it comes to fashion is extremely necessary, we can’t forget that making sure that our true story is being told. We need to be clear about the fact that things like Bantu Knots, Boxer Braids, Doorknocker Earrings and other forms of expressions are unique to the Black community, that is were it all started. This campaign does a great job by drawing a straight line between inspiration and the people that sparked it.

This campaign has it all, flawless skin, bold, expressive designs, models who exemplify Black joy. It’s about time! Photographer and Director Glen Luchford and Creative Director Alessandro Michele did a fabulous job on this campaign.

Gucci pre-fall 2017 collection:

Thoughts on Gucci’s Pre-Fall Collection? Do you love it?