As we celebrate Black Music Month it is only right to celebrate one of the greatest musicians of all times, non other than Prince. Not only was his music sensational but he was never afraid to push the envelope when it comes to his fashion. Take a look at some of Prince’s most iconic style moments that we will never forget.

Scandalous Style: Since the start of Prince’s career in the 70s, the artist not only pushed musical boundaries, but fashion too. Elaborate pant suits, ruffled tops, pink fur stole, and fingerless gloves becoming his signature.

Ruffling Feathers: A close look at the star’s signature ruffled style during a 1985 performance live at The Fabulous Forum in California.

My Time To Shine: In the 90s Prince may have sung about diamonds and pearls, but in the 80s it was all about ruffles and lace.

Stud: Another set during his California performance shows Prince in a different pair of jacquard pants, ruffled shirt and studded coat.

Purple Rain: In typical rockstar style, Prince’s suits were skin tight and embellished. The singer’s look here at a 1985 concert, channels a modern day Jimi Hendrix.

Suited Up: Prince wears many fashion hats, literally and figuratively. His London performance at the Webley Arena in 1986 shows a more toned-down, suave side of this smooth operator.

Lovesexy: Prince’s looks were all about the divine details, from his coif and patterned suits, right down to the perfectly matching boots.

Head Over Heels: The musician had an uncanny air of cool and this image of Prince, circa 1985-swathed in a white Mongolian fur coat, wearing Ray Ban Wayfarers, bell bottoms and his signature heeled boots.


Do you love Prince’s style as much as we do? Let us know your favorite looks in the comments.