Here at Werk Chic we love to meet inspiring women and we are very excited to have had the pleasure of interviewing Jess Ceresino the founder of The Sports Brat. She is inspirational, intelligent and very successful.

Continue reading to learn more about this amazing woman Jess Ceresino, who is successful at bridging the gap between sports and style.


When did your love for sports start? Age?

I was really born into it. My dad tells the story that I arrived two days early so that we could watch my first Super Bowl together while we were still at the hospital. I remember going to Stanford football games when I was five years old. I always wore this little hoodie, jeans and a ponytail and I would wait after the games to give high fives to the players. So I guess you could say it started super young!

Why did you start The Sports Brat?

I played sports through college, but majority of my girlfriends didn’t play sports. They would call me and complain about how annoying their boyfriends were during football season and I couldn’t understand it. I loved football season. I figured there had to be a way to bridge the gap. Sports are more than just a game, they’re a culture and that’s what I hope to show with The Sports Brat.

What is your favorite sport and how often do you attend sporting events?

I love football. I think it’s my favorite to follow. I try to go to one game a week. If I’m in New York, I may go to several sporting events in one week, but generally I average one per week. Although, I have a feeling that may increase soon!

What is your favorite thing about playing sports?

I am super competitive. I loved game day, the feeling of putting on a uniform and going to play was something special. I miss that a lot. I think that’s why I like going to games. Hearing the national anthem takes me right back!

When you are off and not playing sports what is favorite thing to wear?

I am a jeans and t-shirt girl for sure. If I’m running around town, I’m in Current/Elliott or Rag & Bone jeans, an Alexander Wang tee, belt and my Rag & Bone harrow booties. That’s my uniform, plus I can swap heels for an instant upgrade if I need to go to a meeting or dinner.


For the ladies that need help what is an ideal outfit to wear to a sporting event? What do you recommend?

I could write a thesis on this topic! It totally depends on weather, location, venue, sport, etc. BUT, I think jeans, an ankle boot and a crisp tee or sweater are solid basics. You can add a cute hat, scarf or jacket depending on the weather. I love wearing a tee that’s the team color but with no logo. If you want to show more team support, Junkfood Clothing can do no wrong in my eyes. They have the cutest, vintage inspired sports tees and they’re super comfy!

What or who inspires you the most and why?

Gosh, I’m inspired by so many things. I comb through magazines every time I fly to keep up on trends and to see if there’s something new I want to try. But I think my biggest fashion inspiration is New York. That city is so cool and you need only walk a block to find a world of inspiration. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen an outfit I liked on the streets of NYC and gone immediately to try to replicate it. That place is special.

In three words, how would you describe your style?

Classic, comfortable, appropriate (I never want to be over or under dressed!)

When it comes to beauty, are you a fan of natural or dramatic makeup?

I LOVE the way dramatic make up looks on others but I am so uncomfortable with a lot of makeup on. I prefer a classic, natural look. I literally wear the same look every day: Chanel tinted moisturizer, Chanel concealer, Chanel mascara, Nars blush in Orgasm, and Laura Mercier eye liner in black gold. Maybe I will do a pop of color on my lips if I’m going out. But the base never changes!!

Who is your number one fashion inspiration?

It is so hard to pick one! But I am fairly certain Jessica Alba always gets it.


What are your current fashion must-haves?

I’m currently prepping for cold weather so I would say: Stuart Weitzman 50/50 boots, my Burberry coat, Autumn Cashmere sweaters, Joshua Sanders sneakers, my All Saints leather jacket and Frame Denim. Oh, and I’m still pining after a Givenchy bag.

Heels or sneakers?

So hard to pick…that’s why I often wear an ankle bootie…it’s a great compromise!!

What are your future goals and plans for The Sports Brat?

I’m a woman and a dreamer so my plans and goals are lengthy but my number one goal is to continue to be the voice to women when it comes to sports. Whether that’s on TV, through a book or continuing it online, that’s my number one goal.


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