On this Mother’s Day, I share with you a letter I wrote to my daughter on Mother’s Day a few years ago. If, I was to add an addition to the letter; I would express how impressed I am how she has handled disappointed, and adversity. I admire her work ethic and resolute spirit. When I look at her, she reminds me that I’ve done something right in my lifetime. A million I love you’s. 

Dear Niya,

As I sit down to write this letter, my heart is warm with such joy. It has been truly a blessing being your mother. I am thankful to the creator for entrusting me with such a beautiful and wonderful gift. Yes, my dear daughter, you are a gift; so precious from our creator given to me to rear, love and protect.

You have brought purpose, beauty, joy, laughter but most of all love to my life. Niya, you inspire me to be a better woman. As you go through these teen years into womanhood, I know you will be watching me. It is my desire that I live my life in accordance to God’s purpose; so that I can be a blessing to you my beautiful Niya…

As your mother, I try to instill in you: spirituality, love, kindness, morals and values the importance of education, confidence, and self-worth. My dear daughter, the world is bigger than Mt Airy, Philadelphia. It’s your playground. You can be and do whatever you put your mind to with faith, determination and hard work.

My beautiful daughter, on this Mother’s Day, I say to you thanks for being a blessing in my life. Remember, I’m not only your mother I’m your friend. I’m always here for you.

Love Unconditionally,