by Colleen Tressler
Consumer Education Specialist

Building A Better Credit Report 2.0- If you’re shopping for a car, applying for a job, looking for a home, or simply getting your financial house in order, then it’s time to check your credit report.

The Federal Trade Commission recently updated one of its most popular consumer publications, Building a Better Credit Report, in both English and Spanish. The free publication, presented in an easy-to-read Q&A format, answers questions like:

What is a credit report?
Why should I check my credit report?
How do I get my credit report?
How do I correct errors on my credit report?
How long can negative information stay on my credit report?
How can my credit report affect my job application?
What is a credit freeze?
What is a fraud alert?
What is a credit score?
What are my options for dealing with debt?
Download your copy now or order free copies  in bulk to share with students, friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors. And while you’re online, check out all our consumer publications on Money & Credit. Whether you are saving, spending, or borrowing money, this is information you can’t afford to overlook.