Tracee Ellis Ross is an actress, producer, television host, daughter of the great Diana Ross and lastly a fashion beacon in today’s culture! The stylish bombshell started her career in independent films exhibiting her notable acting chops. It wasn’t until 2000 that people began to notice Ross’s unique and savvy style on the sitcom Girlfriends. Ross played, Joan Clayton Esq the “mother hen” of her friends. Joan may have been anal and corny at times, yet she never missed a beat when it came to looking très chic. Always in an elegant well-cut suit, high-waist pants with wide hems, draped leather jackets, towering heels and, her signature pencil skirts that fit her amazing figure.

In the September 2014 issue of Essence Magazine she was a recipient of the Street Style Awards and this month she’s Essence’s cover girl. Well deserved girlfriend! I believe all women are beautiful. I think every woman’s individuality can inspire us if we observe and learn to tap into the unique power that we all possess. Tracee Ellis Ross is a great example of that, and she has always been true with herself and fans about her identity, imperfections and beauty. As a woman, I can appreciate that more than a woman whose flaws are never seen.

Ms. Ross is BADD, she proves that style is just as important as outer beauty! What I’ve learned from Ross and her style makes me (and I’m sure other women) feel comfortable, sexy and excited to own every part of my being!

Lesson 1: “There’s no such thing as too much print” Ross’ style is always conservative and playful. Her pieces show that you can never have enough prints! Tracee wears a Duro Olowu dress with Pretty in Pink Christian Louboutin Pumps for her Larry King Now interview for her new sitcom starring her and Anthony Anderson Black-Ish.

Lesson 11


Lesson 2: “Statement pieces, killer footwear, and not-so-basic black is the essence of great fashion” Ross always has the perfect shoe game! Ross (with no help from a stylist) knows when to keep it classic and to play on her pieces. Sometimes it’s great to stand out but she is a great example of letting your pieces do the werk for you!

Black Girls Rock! 2013 - Arrivals


Lesson 3: “Flaunt your best ASS-ets” Now we all know that Ross has a great… booty! Ross wears pieces that accentuate her body, so why not show off what you got! Ross is all about self-confidence and self-empowerment. That’s the beauty of being a woman we aren’t all the same. We come in different sizes and shapes. So let’s celebrate our best assets!


Lesson 4: “The best selfies are taking in the bathroom” Tracee gives face before her photo shoot with Town and Country Magazine in a gorgeous Zac Posen gown. Showing us that when looking and feeling good it’s always time to take a selfie (with fantastic bathroom light)

Lesson 44


Lesson 5: “Bold red lipstick is so damn sexy!” Ross’ known for wearing a red lip and looking utterly fabulous while doing it. Never be afraid to show a pop of color just make sure to find the right shade while doing so!



Images via Tracee Ellis Ross Instagram