I am excited to introduce “Bloggers Who Werk.”  This is our monthly spotlight on our favorite style bloggers. Our purpose for the “Bloggers Who Werk” series  is to build community with other bloggers in the digital space. Each month we will feature a  style blogger who is not only stylish, but is inspirational, intelligent, successful and leaving her mark on the world.

Continue reading to meet Psyche Southwell “The Economy Of Style.” A style blogger from ‘The Lou.’  Who is helping women get fit and doing it with style.

SB: I stalk her IG daily for style inspiration…

Economy of Style 1

How do you define your personal style?

At the core, my personal style is classic and comfortable. I make it my own by playing with color, print, and embellishments like studs.

Who is your favorite style icon?

Lately, I look forward to seeing how Solange Knowles rocks color and print.

Do you follow fashion trends?

Absolutely. Once I developed a clear sense of my personal style and taste, it’s fun to embrace trends that suit those sensibilities.

Economy of Style 2

Tell me something cool about yourself.

While I was in graduate school, I spent my weekends touring the Midwest as a lead singer for a reggae band.

Who is your favorite designer or brand?

Definitely Tracy Reese. Her designs always embrace vibrant color, global prints, and flattering silhouettes.

Name the one thing you never leave home without.

I could easily name at least five things, but let’s go with earrings. I usually wear my hair in a short tapered cut, so I always wear earrings since they are easily visible with the short cut.

Economy of Style 3

Name an item every woman should own?

A versatile carryall bag. On any given day, you’d find me toting around a ton of essentials, so I rely on a few favorite carryalls to hold these items in style.

What song sums up your life right now? Why?

Ain’t No Giving In by Chronixx. This reggae artist is getting lots of attention right now because of his latest album. This older song, though, is one of my favorites. It reminds me to hold fast in times of uncertainty and challenge.

Economy of Style 4

Do you have a favorite quote?

“Anyway, I think style is more important than political ideologies.” –Ralph Ellison.
Of course, I view style as a political ideology.

Economy of Style 5

How are you leaving your mark on the world?

Between working on style and fashion projects and assisting groups in my city with fitness, I have had wonderful opportunities to work with large, diverse groups of women and people in general. My advice concerning shopping on a budget, my chronicle of fashion trends, and the guidance I provide with exercise have allowed me to leave useful marks.

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