Blush gives your face a beautiful glow and makes you look alive–when applied correctly. Blush can be tricky to apply because you don’t want to over do it and look like a clown–we all know that’s not a good look. If you have been wanting to wear blush then keep on reading to see how you can have beautiful and natural looking glow.

Choose your blush type. Powder and gel blushes are good for oily skin, cream is best for normal to dry skin. The shade you choose should match your natural coloring.

Purchase good quality blush brushes. A blush brush is the best choice, never use a small cheap brush. If you use a cheap brush you’ll have a cheap looking result. Avoid items like cotton wool balls or powder puffs as these do not work well with the pigment in the blush.

Steps to applying blush:

1. Apply blush after you’ve put on the rest of your makeup.

2. If you’re using a powder, lightly sweep a medium-sized fluffy brush through the blush then tap it to remove any excess. If you’re using a cream or gel, dab a little on your ring finger. Start with just a little blush–it’s easier to add more to your face than to take off too much of it.

3. Do a fish face, and apply blush. This helps you find the apple of your cheeks.

4. Apply the blush to the center of the apple on one side of your face, blending the color along your cheekbone. For the most natural look, always concentrate the color on the apples of your cheeks and blend well. And before blending, always dust off excess to avoid excessively rosy cheeks.

5. If you accidentally apply too much powdered blush, cover it with translucent powder to tame the color. Excess cream can be blotted with a tissue.

6. Repeat on your other cheek, making sure to match the placement and color of the blush on both cheeks.

7. Dust your face with a translucent powder to set your face. The translucent powder brings warmth to the cheeks.

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 Source: wikiHow